Promotional Products

We all know its a good business practise to give the customer more than they expect. And promotional products are a great way to fill that need. The cost is affordable and well worth the expense if it retains a repeat customer. Also a pen, notepad or mousemat can be a great way to give the customer you phone number and unlike a business card. They can often hold on to it for years.

Do you need us to create your artwork? We have graphic artists that can create you all kinds of Promotional Products that will focus on the message you want to send, and look spectacular


A-Frame Signs

Our A-Frame signs are a little different from the norm. Ours come with removal Corflute signs. Why is this A-frame better than the standard. Well not only you can have more than 1 set of insert signs. But it’s also easy to refresh or update regularly.

Do you have a Monday only deal, a weekday pricing and a weekend pricing. or just a sale every now and again. A easily changeable advertising sign is a brilliant way to change it up, and keep your adverts and brand fresh.




Flyers - Sunshine CoastFlyers

A6 A5 A4 Glos Matt Double sided, Single sided, your artwork our artwork. At Suncoast Printing we can supply all your promotional product needs.

DL Flyers are a very affordable way to reach your customer. At  3-5 cents each, these are a cost effective form or advertising. But they can be used for so much more. From vouchers to calendars the DL flyer is a versatile medium.

The A6 flyer can be an affordable way to reach your customer as well, especially in smaller quantities as we can fit 4 to an a4 page, and run smaller amounts on the laser printers. If you are doing a mailbox delivery think about stapling a business card to the flyer. This gives a personal touch with your details to the customer. And for some reason a business card just feels a little harder to throw out than a flyer.

Banners - Sunshine CoastBanners of all sorts

At Suncoast Printing we have been supplying banners of all sorts on the Sunshine Coast for many years. And we have a staff with many years experience behind them.

Whether you need a banner for the short term or a permanent solution we have you covered. From Fabric, to vinyl, temporary to permanent. At Suncoast Printing all your printing needs are covered under one roof.



Come in and talk to us today at Suncoast Printing, For all your printing needs on the Sunshine Coast, Caloundra.

Drink Coasters or Beer Coaster - Sunshine CoastDrink Coasters

Lets face it we all remember getting in trouble for leaving rings on a coffee table. “Use a coaster my mother used to say” But you just don’t see them around like you used to.

Why not get some custom made ones with your brand and business details on them, so that when they get used it’s your name that they recall?

Do you own a cafe or a restaurant, these are a great idea to use, and why not offer your customers to take one home with them. This way they will get a free gift, and leave with your details. We also do drink or beer coolers, that can be made to match. These are great for out and about or for a promotional tool for valuable customers.



These are just some of the many products that Suncoast Printing on the Sunshine Coast Caloundra can supply. Remember Suncoast Printing for all your printing needs.