Flyers - Sunshine CoastFlyers

A6 A5 A4 Glos Matt Double sided, Single sided, your artwork our artwork. At Suncoast Printing we can supply all your promotional product needs.

DL Flyers are a very affordable way to reach your customer. At  3-5 cents each, these are a cost effective form or advertising. But they can be used for so much more. From vouchers to calendars the DL flyer is a versatile medium.

The A6 flyer can be an affordable way to reach your customer as well, especially in smaller quantities as we can fit 4 to an a4 page, and run smaller amounts on the laser printers. If you are doing a mailbox delivery think about stapling a business card to the flyer. This gives a personal touch with your details to the customer. And for some reason a business card just feels a little harder to throw out than a flyer.


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