Business Cards

In business first impressions matter, and your business cards says a lot about you and your business. After uniforms and personal presentation, the next impression your customer is going to want to see is who you are as a business. Your business card needs to reflect the image you are trying to present.

A well done professional card provides initial impact. Helping to create the image you are trying to create. It can also be a vital tool in creating brand recognition with your logo, and values.

Obviously your business cards also provides vital information on how your customer can find and intereact with your business. While this is far from the only medium to promote your business this is one of the most vital for personal networking with your customer base.

From budget to high impact, we can design, print, emboss and create business cards that make your company or store stand out amongst the crowd.

Useful Facts

Did you know that business cards have by far the best success in marketing often gaining a 1 in ten regular customer.

Training staff and employees to have business cards with them and to talk about your business is  and hand out cards can increase sales dramatically So you need to hand one to every person you meet and greet.

And if you hand a customer a card you can receive as high as a huge 50% contact or return rate.

having clear and concise cards that customers can easily read are more likely to be kept

Did you also know that business cards can be up to 80% cheaper in large quantities. So why not double your order for not a whole lot more, and be more aggressive in handing them out. The worse that will happen is sales will skyrocket.