Drink Coasters or Beer Coaster - Sunshine CoastDrink Coasters

Lets face it we all remember getting in trouble for leaving rings on a coffee table. “Use a coaster my mother used to say” But you just don’t see them around like you used to.

Why not get some custom made ones with your brand and business details on them, so that when they get used it’s your name that they recall?

Do you own a cafe or a restaurant, these are a great idea to use, and why not offer your customers to take one home with them. This way they will get a free gift, and leave with your details. We also do drink or beer coolers, that can be made to match. These are great for out and about or for a promotional tool for valuable customers.

Do you need us to create your artwork? We have graphic artists that can create you a banner that will focus on the message you want to send, and look spectacular.

More Information Coming Soon!




More Information Coming Soon!