Compliments Slips

Why use ‘With Compliments’ slips today in this digital world, when email and invoices could do the job.

A compliment slip in todays fast paced world is more vital than ever before. Its a very useful tool helping to market yourself and ultimately improve a businesses bottom line.

A ‘Compliments slips is a great way to let your customer know how important their business is to you. It can also help to create repeat business. In todays ever increasing competition, the need to retain repeat business is more important than ever.

A compliment slip is easy way to show appreciation. It can also help to create a loyal customer who may  otherwise look at other competitors or another cheaper product.

A slip in with a customers order gives the customer information about you. Often a businesses have a file for services they frequently use. These files can change and require updating, especially if you details have changed. A slip is an opportunity to help keep your customers files up to date.

The third and possibly the most important, from a marketing standpoint is brand recognition. A compliments slip has your brand on it. Customers need to see a brand or business advertised at least 3 times before a brand recognition is registered. Compared to other marketing, a compliment Slip is a very cost effective way to build you brand.


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